About Us

For many years, the Powerlinez area of the Torne Valley in Rockland County, NY was a convenient and popular rock climbing venue. But the integration of the land into Harriman State Park, where climbing is not normally allowed, demanded a formalization of climbing access. The Torne Valley Climbers’ Coalition (TVCC) was formed in 2011 for this purpose.

Throughout 2012 the TVCC worked with the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, who manage Harriman State Park, to establish boundaries, guidelines, waivers and a permit that represented an agreement between the climbing community and the park. On May 1, 2013, the area was reopened to climbing, with no access fees and a simple waiver system.

The TVCC was recognized with the Access Fund Sharp End Award in 2013 for its efforts.

You can email us at torneclimbers@gmail.com. To be updated on TVCC events and information, join our Facebook page.

Current TVCC board members:
– Tiffany Blount
– Patrick Connally
– Jon Crefeld
– Norm Rasmussen

Annual trail day at the Powerlinez