Climbing at the Powerlinez

Rock climbing was not always permitted at the Powerlinez – access was achieved by carefully building a relationship of trust between local climbers and the land managers who maintain Harriman State Park for all users. As a climber at the Powerlinez, you can help ensure ongoing access by completing a waiver, and by following some simple rules and guidelines:

Location and Parking

The Powerlinez is located off Torne Valley Road, accessible from Exit 15A off I-87.

As of November 2021, the parking situation at the Powerlinez has changed – please follow the guidance below to avoid contributing to access problems. More information on the situation can be found here, and our climbing area map has also been updated.

Limited parking on Torne Valley Road

Parking is possible on the west side of Torne Valley Road, south of Torne Brook Road (location) under the following conditions:

  • No parking before 4pm on weekdays
  • No blocking pump station access gates at any time
  • Be careful not to hit or disturb manholes or other infrastructure
  • Clean up trash and do not use the area as a lost-and-found
Parking at the Saltbox

This area is available at all times, and is located further north along Torne Valley Road (location). As of June 2022, there is a new trail directly from the saltbox parking lot to the climbing area! It’s not shown in the image below, but check it out on our interactive climbing area map.

Other areas

Do not park directly at the trailhead or anywhere on Torne Brook Road (different from Torne Valley Road) – parking here can cause problems for emergency responders.

Extents of the climbing area

The Powerlinez is the only section of Harriman State Park where climbing is permitted. Most of the climbs are easily accessed from the network of marked trails that begin at the trailhead on Torne Brook Road. There are two areas to avoid due to access restrictions:

  • The area above/behind the top of the “Good Book” tier of cliffs, as well as the cliffs on the summit of Torne Mountain itself, are off limits to climbing.
  • Along the access road, after passing the “Welcome Boulders” on your right, you should make a right turn to approach Tower Wall and the rest of the climbing area. Continuing along the access road instead of making this right turn leads immediately to land owned by the Town of Ramapo, which is off limits to climbing.


The waiver that you’ve signed to climb at the Powerlinez gives a list of simple rules for using the area:

  • Be aware of the existence of other climbers and hikers and do not throw or kick any objects from cliff.
  • Use service roads and marked access trails only; carry out all litter; do not disturb plants or wildlife.
  • Dogs must be kept on leashes, six feet or less, at all times.
  • Use clean climbing techniques only. The use of bolts and pitons are strictly prohibited.
  • No fires, camping, motor vehicles, radios, glass containers or alcohol.


App-based guidebooks are available from Gunks Apps (bouldering only) and Rakkup.

There is also an older paper guidebook by Jon Crefeld, which is available in some local climbing gyms and outdoor stores. Note this guidebook was published prior to the current access agreement, and includes some boulders on Town of Ramapo land where climbing access is no longer permitted.