Parking at the Powerlinez

To avoid potential conflicts that could affect climbing access at the Powerlinez, TVCC asks that you follow some new parking guidelines. Please help us spread this information to the wider climbing community.

What’s going on?

Since the Powerlinez opened to legal climbing in 2013, climbers have commonly parked in the area alongside Torne Valley Road, just south of Torne Brook Road.

In fall of 2021, the authorities responsible for maintaining this area added some “no parking” signs. This was in response to increasing climber traffic in 2020 and 2021 causing difficulties for them, including:

  • Blocked access to gates in pump stations (square fenced-off areas)
  • Problems mowing grass because of parked cars
  • Damaged manholes and other infrastructure

What can we do?

In the parking area along Torne Valley Road (google maps link):

  • No parking before 4pm on weekdays (to facilitate mowing and maintenance)
  • No blocking pump station access gates at any time
  • Be careful not to hit or disturb manholes or other infrastructure
  • Clean up trash and do not use the area as a lost-and-found

Failure to follow these guidelines could result in strict enforcement or tighter restrictions.

Is there an alternative?

Yes! Working with the authorities, TVCC has arranged another parking area at the “saltbox”, less than half a mile north along Torne Valley Road (google maps link). And, as of June 2022, there is a new trail directly from the saltbox to the climbing area! It’s not shown in the image below, but you can see it on our climbing area map.

Anything else I should know?

Some things have not changed: Do not park directly at the trailhead or anywhere on Torne Brook Road (different from Torne Valley Road) – parking here can cause problems for emergency responders.

For our interactive map of the climbing area, click here.