To climb at the Powerlinez, each climber must complete a waiver which is valid for the calendar year. Use the link below to complete a waiver online – you will receive an email with a link to download a copy of your waiver, which we recommend you keep with you when climbing at the Powerlinez.

We also ask that you read and abide by the parking guidelines and rules of the area, available on our Climbing at the Powerlinez page.

Extents of the climbing area

The Powerlinez is the only section of Harriman State Park where climbing is permitted. Most of the climbs are easily accessed from the network of marked trails that begin at the trailhead on Torne Brook Road. There are two areas to avoid due to access restrictions:

  • The area above/behind the top of the “Good Book” tier of cliffs, as well as the cliffs on the summit of Torne Mountain itself, are off limits to climbing.
  • Along the access road, after passing the “Welcome Boulders” on your right, you should make a right turn to approach Tower Wall and the rest of the climbing area. Continuing along the access road instead of making this right turn leads immediately to land owned by the Town of Ramapo, which is off limits to climbing.
Vic Myers on “Whalehunter”, 5.9. Photo: Norm Rasmussen